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Open, inclusive, and regenerative. Leisure Cooperative is an internet company established to share access and further amplify inclusion in leisure time activities. We work as a cooperative towards a common goal. This participatory culture and business model aims to foster land and place-based stewardship. It is with this hope that we wish to provide a shared marketplace for exchanging resources such as good, space, and transportation for play, imagination and idle living.

Collective Ownership

Leisure Cooperative is working to provide stable jobs and income for its workers, partners and operators. We do this as a participatory and meritocratic organization with 100% transparency. We believe in business as a case of social good.

Shared Economic Rewards & Power

We turn a profit to pay a living wage for our workers and operators. Instead of investing the profit into tax-havens or other dubious methods many corporations use to withold just taxation, we invest profit into better resources, access and environmental practices for the Leisure Cooperative and its community.